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3.1 - His First Trip Outside Andalusia

We have seen in the previous chapter how Shaykh Muhyiddin, may Allah be pleased with him, met during his tour in the southwest coast of Andalusia, near the village of Rueda, Shaykh Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Ashraf al-Rondi, who promised to visit him in Seville. But when Shaykh Muhyiddin returned back to Seville, Allah inspired him, in his inner thoughts, to make a trip to Shaykh Abdul-Aziz al-Mahdawi in Tunisia, to benefit from him. In his treatise of the Holy Spirit, Shaykh Muhyiddin said that this was on Tuesday; so he consulted his mother and asked her permission to travel, and she approved. At the same time, it occurred then that Shaykh Muhammad al-Rondi sent to him with a stranger who came to Seville to say to him: “Your friend al-Rondi says Salam to you, and that he was on his way coming to meet you, but it occurred to you now that you travel to Tunisia! Go on for your trip, may God save you, and our meeting, God willing, will be when you return back in Seville.” [Holy Spirit: p. 73.].

3.1.1- Before Departure (Seville 589/1193)

3.1.2- In the Green Island: Algeciras - (589/1193)

3.1.3- Shaykh Ibrahim Abu Ishaq Ibn Tarif - (Tarifa, 589/1192)

3.1.4- Intercession and Forgiving People

3.1.5- Before Crossing the Straits (Tarifa, 589/1192)

3.1.6- In the City of Ceuta (Ramadan 589/1193)

3.1.7- The Judge Ibn Yaghmor and the Narrator Ibn al-Sayegh

3.1.8- In the City of Tlemcen (590/1193)

3.1.9- His Vision of the Prophet peace be upon him (Tlemcen, 590/1194)