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3.0 - THE FORENOON: Moving between the cities of Maghreb and Andalusia - (589/1192 - 597/1200)

“This whole existence, knowing it is my priority.
Because it is a present, from the presence of my Lord.
His day is like a year (of what we count), when the Sun is manifest.
You see the insightful, without backing.
Giving the messenger, a gift of essence,
not only the attributes, but only the forms!
Get up, then, to the pot of abstracts, from the undefined state,
to see how the existence of the highest one,
revealing knowledge, from an optimal presence.”

Ibn al-Arabi (Diwan, p. 110) ... See the comments on this poem in section 3.9 at the end of this chapter..

As the Sun ascended above the horizon, and began climbing towards the dome of the sky, Muhammad started to appreciate the beauty of the scene, and the mysteries of the universe are successively calling upon him to understand their symbols and solve their puzzles. His eyes cannot rest, and his mind cannot settle, as he kept searching to unravel the ciphers and understand the lessons, by seeking their appreciated scholars to benefit from them and always be in increasing knowledge and further investigation.

In his hundreds of books, Shaykh Muhyiddin mentioned many scholars, recounting their states and doctrines, yet he confirmed that for all the opinions he mentioned, he met someone with such believe or faith, or described by such states, although he had in fact learned that beforehand in a private way from Allah, but He also caused him to meet these people who proclaim these conditions; all this by the grace of Allah that he could relate to them reliably [Futuhat: III.523].

Henceforth, after he visited many cities in Andalusia, as he used to seek those scholars whom he heard about, in order to hear from them and discuss with them, and absorb their views, as well as teach them his own principles. Then, he started to look forward for visiting the regions beyond the broader and above the horizon. He went to the countries of Maghreb and North Africa, spending many years moving between their cities, and many times crossing the Strait back and forth between Andalusia and Maghreb, on his way to Tunisia.

It seems that his first purpose was to see his Shaykh Abu Madyan, although he was not able to meet him in reality, but he got to know those many shaykhs who were amongst his close disciples, and who were deployed across the region after he passed away just before Ibn al-Arabi was able to reach his place in Tlemcen.

Over the following six years from 589 to 595, Shaykh Muhyiddin performed several visits to the various cities of Maghreb and Tunisia, returning to Andalusia also several times, in order to end his expeditions in his hometown, Murcia, to finish up some work there, before he could leave the whole region for good.

3.1- His First Trip Outside Andalusia

3.2- The Shaykh of Shaykhs Abu Madyan al-Ghawth

3.3- His First Stay in Tunisia 590/1193

3.4- Returning to Andalusia - 590/1193

3.5- His Second Trip to Maghreb - 591/1194

3.6- Returning to Andalusia - (592/1196)

3.7- His Third Trip to Maghreb - 593/1197

3.8- Farewell Return to Andalusia ($sim$ Jumada al-Awwal 595/1198)

3.9- Comments on the chapter Opening Poem