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3.1.3 - Shaykh Ibrahim Abu Ishaq Ibn Tarif - (Tarifa, 589/1192)

In the Green Island, al-Jazirah al-Khaddra, or: Algeciras, Ibn al-Arabi met with Shaykh Abu Ishaq Ibn Tarif al-Qaisiy, where he visited him in his house there, and he also met him again in the city of Ceuta on the opposite side of the strait on his way back to Andalusia. They also met in Egypt, where it seems that Shaykh Ibn Tarif went there to settle till the end of his life, since he originally came from Cairo.

Shaykh Muhyiddin adds that Abu Ishaq was the Shaykh of Abu Abdullah al-Qurashiy. He was gentle and mild in his manner, truthful and blameless in Gods sight, given to zeal and spiritual endeavor, he would very much have liked to go into seclusion, but was prevented from doing so by his profession, which was the sale of earthen ware. He copied many of the works written concerning the Way. He devoted himself to ascetic practices and spiritual learning. He also was a companion to Abu al-Naja, Abu al-Rabii, Ibn Abd al-Jalil and Qadib al-Ban who was at Mosul, as we shall mention in section [ref:qadibalban of Chapter V.