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3.1.1 - Before Departure (Seville 589/1193)

It is clear then that Shaykh Muhyiddin had suddenly thought of traveling to Tunisia, and he took permission from his mother, although his age was close to thirty years, confirming his extreme righteousness with her. Then after his companion Shaykh Muhammad al-Rondi blessed him and called him to safety, at that he stepped up and began the trip.

Claudia Addas explains through her discussion of the Letter to Safi al-Din Abu al-Mansour Ibn Zafer, translated by Dennis Grill into French [Risala De Safi Al-Din Ibn Abu al-Mansour Ibn Zafir, trans. Denis Gril, Le Caire, (IFAO 1986).], in addition to the book “The Sacred Scenes” written by the Grand Shaykh in Seville after he returned from this trip, it is possible that his father was accompanying him on this journey, because he mentions that when they were in Tunisia when they went with some shaykhs to one of the baths and they spent some of the night and then returned to the house of Abdul-Aziz al-Mahdawi and spent the rest of the night in contemplation. Then he says that in the morning his father asked him: What happened in the bath? However, we do not have any further information on this subject, and we don’t know exactly when or where did his father ask him this: in Tunisia or after he returned to Seville!

His first trip to the Maghreb, and first visit to Tunisia.