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2.2.2 - Peace and Honesty (His Story with the Zebras)

After moving to Seville, Muhammad once went on a hunting trip with his father and his boys in an area between Carmona [In the Gazetteer of the countries of Yaqout al-Hamwi (No. 9554), it is cormonian: a ball in Andalusia, whose work relates to the works of Seville, west of Cordoba and eastern Seville. Seven leagues and between Cordoba twenty-two leagues and most of what people say Carmona] and Balama near Seville. While he was walking with his horse alone away from the boys; he saw a herd of Zebra, so he thought of himself and insisted in his heart that he did not want to hurt one of them by hunting. When the horse saw them he wanted to move but he held him until they went through the herd and the spear in his hand almost toughing some of them, yet they did not even raise their head and were not afraid of him until they passed! When the boys followed, the Zebras fled in fear [Futuhat: IV.540].

Maybe Muhammad did not know at the time how to explain what happened to this strange and unusual behavior by these beasts, but later he realized that the honesty and peace that he had towards them secretly in his heart diffused to them so they are no longer afraid of him. He realized that whoever wants not to be afraid of anyone, he must not make anyone afraid, and if you are safe to everything you will be safe from everything. Thus, he and realized the importance of honesty and its impact even on animals. He will also realize later that not only man is capable of science and knowledge, but all animals and even inanimate objects; how not and everything praises God, and only those who know are those who praise!