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2.1 - His Birth and Early Life in Murcia - 560/1165

It was a beautiful summer day, when Muhammad Ibn Ali was born, but the labor was not the state of his mother alone; because his birth was an exceptional fortune in history as a whole, as if the whole world was carrying him from eternity. Muhammad moved through the backs of the noblest men, who are the icons of generosity, from the land of the prophecies, in the Arabian Peninsula, to Andalusia, God’s Paradise on earth. In this beautiful town on the banks of the Segura river, and on the day of mercy from the middle ten of the holy month of Ramadan, Muhammad Ibn Ali Ibn al-Arabi al-Hatami al-Taiy was born.

2.1.1- The Dawn of Muhyiddin

2.1.2- Murcia, His Birthplace

2.1.3- The Family of Ibn al-Arabi

2.1.4- His Childhood