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2.1.4 - His Childhood

We do not know much about the early period of Muhammad’s life, but it was undoubtedly rich in adventures and leisure trips, especially since he belongs to a rich family close to kings. There are clear indications that the young Muhammad was calm, lighthearted, kind, sweet, gentle, graceful, intelligent, simple-minded, blended with spirits for his tenderness and embracing the souls for his sweetness. The signs of genius appeared on his face since his childhood.

His childhood years passed at a brilliant speed, as if perfection pushed him to fame in haste, and the high facts required him urgently. However, he did not forget his share of fun and play, especially since his family was rich with servants and decency, although the joy and fun was not without lessons and learning. No wonder that he is the one who will be the owner of time, ruling over time rather than being ruled, and being in full awareness with breaths and watching Allah the Almighty and the Praised!

He also had a tendency towards the people of God even though he himself did not yet know the Way of Sufism, but he defended the poor Sufis who were often persecuted because the jurists did not accept them and deny them to the sultans. Muhammad was sympathetic to them and harbored them. In fact, that was maybe the reason for his quick and early opening, as he said in the Holy Spirit: “Thanks to Allah, I have never ceased fighting with the jurists in favor of the poor, to protect and save them and save, to the best of my effort, and that’s the cause of my opening!” [Quds:, p. 68]