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1.7.2 - Muhammad al-Nasser Ibn Yaqoub al-Mansour (595/1199-611/1215)

However, as soon as al-Mansour died in 595/1199, and he was succeeded by his son Muhammad, who chose the title: the Supporter (a-Nasser) of the religion of Allah, and he was only seventeen years old, the state gradually started to collapse. He encountered many clashes With the Spanish in several battles in which he was defeated, the most severe of which was the battle of al-Uqab (or in Spanish: Las Navas de Tolosa) in 609/1212.

Nevertheless, many revolutions were eliminated in the reign of al-Nasser, but after the Almohads defeated in al-Uqab battle the state started falling rapidly. Most of Andalusia was captured by the Spanish, and Tunisia fell in the hands of the Hafsids, and Algeria in the hands of al-Zanati. By the tear 644/1246, Cordoba, Valencia, Dania and Murcia, all fell in the hands of the Spanish, and only Granada was able to survive behind the forts for a long time until it finally collapsed in 897/1492, ending eight centuries of the Islamic rule in Spainfootnote{For more From information about the State of the Almohads, see The Almohads in the Islamic West (their organizations and systems), written by Ezzedine Omar Mousa, House of the Islamic West, 1991. For general information on the Islamic presence in Andalusia, see Our Story in Andalusia, by Adnan Anbatawi, Arab Foundation for Studies and Publishing, 2005..

The Greatest Shaykh said that when he passed by the ruins of Medina al-Zahraa, as we will mention in section in Chapter III, he read the following verses on its door:

These countries are shining empty in the fields, without inhabitants.
Birds are crying in every corner, sometimes listening and answering again.
I addressed one tweeting bird, whose sad singing is horrifying:
What are you moaning and complaining about?
  He replied: for the past that has gone and shall never return!

[Muhadarat: I.185]

 God bless him, also the famous Andalusian poet and writer, Saleh Ibn Sharif al-Randi, who said in his sad poem:
Everything, when it is complete, shall be diminishing.
Thus one must not be deceived by good living.
This life does not endure to anyone.
it does not last in any one way the same.