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contents - Yaqoub al-Mansour Ibn Yusuf (580/1184-595/1199)

When Yusuf Ibn Abdul-Momin was martyred in 580/1184, he was succeeded by his son Abu Yusuf Yaqoub al-Mansour. In addition to his greatness as the political sultan, he was described by a firm faith, and the keenness of the sharia law and its Sunnah, although he did not have a great appreciation of Ibn Tumart's heritage and his teachings. He created what could be called a real coup in the doctrine of the State of Almohads, and in the call for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, and in applying the rules even on his family. It has been said that he ordered to severely punish those drinking alcohol, even up to killing them, and he stressed that people should hold the five prayers, and ordered the calls for them, and punished those abandoning them.

In the reign of al-Mansour, Almohads state reached the height of their almighty and exile, repelling the aggression of the Spanish several times, most notably in the 591 AH, in the famous battle of Ark, that was like the battle of Sagrajas mentioned above. With his victory in the Battle of ark, the caliph Yaqoub Ibn Yusuf Ibn Abdul-Momin earned the title of al-Mansour (the Man of Victory).

Four years later, in 595/1199, Abu Yusuf Yaqoub Ibn Yusuf Ibn Abdul-Momin died in the City of Salé, as he was visiting it coming from Marrakesh for building an adjacent city that he called al-Mehdya.