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1.6 - The Decline of Almoravids

At the beginning of the 5th century AH, the reign of the Emir of the Muslims was severely disturbed, and there were many evils going on in his country after many of his relatives took semi-independent control of the main states, and they started calling for tyranny and independence. They ended up declaring that openly, each one claiming that they are better than the Prince of the Muslims and more worthy of ruling than him, while he became even more oblivious and his strengthen started to weaken. He devoted himself completely to worship. He was up all night praying and fasting during the day, neglecting the affairs of the country.

As a result, the situation in Andalusia deteriorated and returned to its first state before the Almoravids came to rescue it from the Kings of Sects. At the same time, the party of the reformist Ibn Tumart appeared in Maghrib and Almohads period started to appear.footnote{For more information on this period, see: Andalusia at the End of the Almoravids and the Beginning of the Almohads of the Second Era of Sects 510/1116-546/1151, by Esmat Abdellatif Dandesh, House of the Islamic West, 1988. For information on the State of the Almoravids, see: New Lights on the Almoravids, by Esmat AbdelLatif Dandesh, House of the Islamic West, 1991. See also: The State of Islam in Andalusia (The Era of the Almoravids and Almohads), Muhammad Abdullah Anan, al-Khanji Library, Cairo, 1964.