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1.5 - Jurists and Kalam Theologians

As a result of his unlimited trust in jurists, the Prince of the Muslims appointed them in the main positions and he required that no order or decision to be taken, even in small matters, unless under the presence of four jurists. Therefore, the jurists reached a great prosperity, much more than they used to have in the early dynasties. They also became rich and their gains expanded, and their closeness to the Emir of the Muslims was measured according to their knowledge of the branches in the doctrine of Malik.

However, the jurists decided to fight against Kalam theology and they showed that the salaf and all early followers abhorred this kind of science that should be considered as a bad thing introduced to the religion.

Therefore, when Abu Hamed al-Ghazali's books entered Maghrib, the Emir ordered them to be burned, and if anyone is caught having such books or reading in them they were threatened destruction and wasting their money and properties.

This situation was received very bad by the Sufis who were teaching Abu Hamed's books to their disciples, as we will see below.