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1.1 - The Origins of the Tribe Tay

The Tay tribe are descendants from Sheba, who lived in the land of Yemen, then moved north, following the Aerm torrent, which destroyed the Dam of Marib Dam,footnote{The Dam of Marib in Yemen was one of the engineering wonders of the ancient world, and a central part of the south Arabian civilization, dating from around the eighth century BC. so they moved to the Hejâz and settled by the two mountains “Ajja” and “Salma” (now in southern Arabia) somewhere between the second and third century BC, a land with water and many large trees, palms and attractive countryside.

The forefather of the tribe was called Tay, meaning “the roller”, because he used to travel a lot and traverse long distances, until he cruised deep in the land of Hejâz and settled in Ajja and Salma [Mujam al-Buldan, No. 218].

Tay lived long until his sons and grandsons numbered more than five hundred, most famous of them is Hâtim al-Taiy, the Arabian icon for generosity, and Zeid al-Khayl, whose name means: having plenty of horses, and he is the well-known Arabian knight and king of the Tay tribe at the time of the advent of Islam.

1.1.1- Embracing Islam

1.1.2- Hatim al-Taiy, the Icon of Hospitality and Generosity

1.1.3- The Great Companion Adiy Ibn Hatim al-Taiy

1.1.4- Some Other Famous Taiy Figures