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1.1.3 - The Great Companion Adiy Ibn Hatim al-Taiy

Shaykh Muhyiddin is also proud of the famous Prophet Companion Adiy Ibn Hâtim and he also calls him “my grandfather” [Muhadarat al-Abraar, v.2:p.224]. Adiy was christian, and he was one of the kings of the Arabs who used to take a quarter of the spoils of his people as did the other kings. He fled to Syria to escape from the armies of the Muslims but he returned to his sister Saffanah who were captured by the Muslims, but when she met the Prophet, peace be upon him, he released her when he knew that she is the daughter of Hatim. She then embraced Islam, and when Adiy learned about that, he returned to her and she was the cause of his embracing Islam too, as he himself narrates.

Adiy was a gifted preacher and the prince of his tribe before and after Islam, and he was a prominent soldier who witnessed the wars of apostasy and also the war al-Jamal and Nahrawan with Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib. He died in Kufa in 68 AH -- 687 AD [Usd al-Gaba, v.4:pp.7-10].

Adiy had two children, both of them died in battles between Muslims and Kharijites, thus all of the Tay descendants, from whom is Ibn Arabi, are from his other brother Abdullah Ibn Hatim only [Jamharat Ansaab al-Arabi, p. 402].