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6.0 - THE SETTING: Settling in Damascus until he passed away, may Allah have mercy on him - (620/1223 - 638/1240)

“If you consider existence as mere example, you could manage it to the right or to the left.
With knowledge, you could bring it down to the earth, or you could make it a full moon when it is a crescent.
You could make it a bejeweled crown on the head, after it was a shoe in the foot of time.
Spanning all the universes east and west, as well as everywhere between them, north and south.
How often we have perceived in it some real deficiency, but when we came closer we only saw perfection!
How often have you asked Allah to provide your needs, and how often have you answered His requests?
My sun is rising on it, and at that, the shadows are extended over all the worlds.”

Ibn al-Arabi (Diwan, p. 333) ... See the comments on this poem in section [ref:commentsch16] at the end of this chapter..

6.2- Settling in Damascus

6.3- His Students and Companions in Damascus

6.4- Some Periods of Tourism and Retreat

6.5- Reading and Writing Some Books

6.6- His Passing Away (Damascus, Friday 22 Rabii II, 638/1240)

6.7- Comments on the Opening Poem

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