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2.2.13 - Some Charismata of His Uncle Abdullah

Shaykh Muhyiddin says in Chapter 24 of the Meccan Revelations that his uncle was one of the men whose hearts are passionate about the breath of the Merciful, both sensationally and intellectually [Futuhat: I.185]. They are men who perceive through smelling what others can perceive by other senses. Therefore, Shaykh Muhyiddin states that his uncle, may God have mercy upon him, was often sitting in the house and he says “the dawn has set”, so when Muhammad asks him: “how do you know that?” He says: “O my son, God directs a breathe from underneath the throne, blowing in Paradise, and its scent will come out at dawn so that every believer can smell it, every day.” [Quds:, p. 63]. It is appropriate to note here that this is also the state of the “Breath of the Merciful” which seems that the people of Yemen have inherited a great deal of this state, as we mentioned at the end of the first chapter.

He lived three years after coming to the Way. During this time he attained to high spiritual degrees and came close to the mercy of God. He spent much time behind closed doors in his room of retreat.

Shaykh Muhyiddin also mentioned that his uncle that he had a large swelling in the head, a severe hernia which hung in front of him like a pillow. He also had a wayward son who tore his heart and caused him much bitterness, so he called down God”™s curse upon him and he fell ill, and used to ask God to take his son before him, thus when he died and he buried him and said: “Thanks God, I live after him forty-four days and then I will die.” He lived as he said and then died. Shaykh Muhyiddin describes his death by saying:

As the night of his death, we sat with him after the evening prayer, and he was facing the Qiblah. At that he found some rest, and his swelling increased, so he told us to rest and sleep. We took a nap, then I came to him before daybreak and I found his spirit to have overflowed with God’s mercy, but no one witnessed his death. To our great surprise, we found that his swelling disappeared completely before his death and the skin returned normal, like all people, as if it had never been swollen. Allah had hid it completely and fully cured it.

[Quds:, p. 63].

In the Meccan Revelations also, the Greatest Shaykh tells that his uncle, Abdullah was often moved when he chants these influential verses by al-Sumaisir:

Time passes by and life is ending, while the Age is bringing unhappy news.

The soul is melting, and hardness is coming, while the world is calling: no one is free!

Shaykh Muhyiddin also says that his uncle died three years after the time he returned to this Way, and he died at the age of eighty-three. “He died before I entered this road.”, Ibn al-Arabi added [Quds:, p. 63].