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2.2.10 - His Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Khalaf al-Lakhmi (Seville, 578/1182)

In the year 578/1182, when he was eighteen years old, Muhammad continued to attend the lessons of the Quran with the reciter Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Khalaf al-Lakhmi (died 585/1189)footnote(For a full translation of this scholar, see: The Very End in the Layers of Readers, Shams al-Din Abu al-Khair Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Ibn al-Jazari, published by c. Bergstrasser, Al-Khanji Library, Cairo, 1932: Vol. 2, p.137-138, as well as: The Tail and the Completion to the Book of Mawsoul and Al-Silah, by Ibn Abdelmalek Marrakchi, Academy of the Kingdom of Maghreb, Maghreb, 1984: Vol. 4, p. 188; Egyptian Book House, Cairo, 1989, No. 821.. He learned from him the seven readings, and he was known in science and education. He also learned from him some particular readings that were not as famous, such as the words “Zirat” instead of “Sirat” or “Ssirat”:

I heard on one Shaykh, whom I was reading the Quran with him, and he is Muhammad Ibn Khalaf Ibn Safi al-Lakhmi, in his mosque known as the Arch of Hinniya in Seville in Andalusia in the year seventy-eight and five hundred (AH), so when I read: Al-Sirat, with Sin according to Ibn Kathir, he said to me: some of the language narrators asked some Arabs on how you they say: Saqr or Ssaqr (both meaning: Falcon)? He said to him: I don’t know what you are saying, but I think you asked for Zaqr! So he added a third pronunciation that I did not know.

[Futuhat: I.331].