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contents - Abdul-Momin Ibn Ali al-Qaysiy (524/1129-558/1163)

Before his death, Ibn Tumart recommended the succession of Abdul-Momin Ibn Ali al-Qaisiy, who took power and was able to eliminate Almoravids whose state was already crumbling as we saw above. He was able to establish the state of Almohads after uniting the whole of North Africa and destroying the authority of the Narmands in Tunisia. He extracted it from them in 555/1160 and subjugated the dictatorial sects and became their king, extending from the extreme east of Libya to the Atlantic Ocean, taking Marrakesh in 541/1147, Tunisia and Libya in 554/1160, and Andalusia between 540/1146-548/1154.

When the call of Almohads spread in Maghrib, they were told by the dignitaries of Andalusia, that had been corrupted with the decline of the rule of the Almoravids, as we saw above, thus they started to invite them and compete to emigrate to them, until many of the islands and states of Andalusia, such as Aljaciras, Ronda, Seville, Cordoba and Granada, entered their reign.

When Abdul-Momin saw this, he gathered a great army and went out to the Andalusia. He was greeted by people with pledges, and most of the country condemned him, and he returned to Africa to quell some of the revolutions there.

Before Abdul-Momin died on the 27th of Jumada the last in 1163/558/1163, he appointed his son Muhammad, but he was incompetent to the caliphate because of his addiction to drinking alcohol, and his imbalance, so the agents of the state agreed to take him off after forty-five days in power.