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3.2.6 - The Letter Baa and the Theory of Everything

The Greatest Shaykh also quoted Shaykh Abu Madyan as saying that he saw nothing but the letter Baa inscribed on it. In this regard he says in his interpretation of the Baa, the first letter of the Basmalahfootnote(Basmalah is the Arabic word derived from the incipit Bismi-Allah: “In the name of Allah”, that are the first two words in Islamic phrase Bismi-Allâhi ar-Ra?mâni ar-Ra?îm: “In the name of Allah, the All-Gracious, the All-Merciful”. This is the phrase recited before each Surah (chapter) of the Quran. The Basmalah is also used extensively in everyday Muslim life, because it is said as the opening of each action in order to receive blessing from God.:

Bismi-Allah: with the Baa existence appeared, and with the point (beneath the inscription of this letter) the worshiper is distinguished from the Worshiped. For this reason, when al-Shibliy,footnote(Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Shibliy (247/861-334/946) was an eminent Sufi and a disciple of Junayd al-Baghdadi. He was born in Baghdad to become a Maliki jurist and a high official with the Caliph before he embarked on the spiritual path and became a follower of Junayd. may Allah be pleased with him, was asked:Are you are al-Shibliy? He replied: I am the point under the Baa. This is what we meant that the point is for the discrimination, which is the existence of servant as required by the reality of servanthood. In this regard, Shaykh Abu Madyan, may Allah have mercy on him, used to say: I saw nothing but I saw the Baa written on it.

Therefore, the Baa that is accompanying all existent things is from the presence of the Real in the station of collection and existence. This means: “Bîy (lit.: by Me) everything has appeared and is sustained”.

[Futuhat: I.102].

Similarly, Abdul-Karim al-Jiliy, one of the notable followers of Ibn al-Arabi whom we shall mention in section

ef(al-jiliy of Chapter VII, says in his famous book of al-Kahf wal-Raqim that “Everything” in the World is implicit in Quran, and the Quran is implicit in Surat al-Fatihah, and everything in al-Fatihah is implicit in al-Basmalah, and everything in al-Basmalah is in the Baa, and everything in the Baa is in the point below this letter.

This saying of Abu Madyan, therefore, is referring to the famous mystical theory of the Oneness of Being, which have shown that it is truly the Theory of Everything, not only in the ontological or philosophical sense, but it is also a physical and cosmological theory that is able to explain many, if not all, of the persisting fundamental problems in these fields , including: super-symmetry, matter-antimatter asymmetry, wave-particle duality, mass generation and Yang-Mills Conjecture, cosmic homogeneity or the Horizon Problem, the Hierarchy Problem and non-locality, in addition to deriving the principles of Special and General Relativity based on its granular complex-time geometry, as well as providing the first logical interpretation of quantum mechanics. We have explained all these issues in the Duality of Time and Ultimate Symmetry that are volumes II and III of the Single Monad Model books series.

As we noted before in the Single Monad Model of the Cosmos, the Greatest Shaykh and other knowledgeable saints of God that the “World of Letters” is a world in itself and that it has the poles, wedges and substitutes as is the case in the human world, as we mentioned in section

ef(hierarchy of Chapter II. Moreover, he considers the manifest world, that we call the Cosmos, to be the made from the synthesis of these letters, which are its vocabulary, because God creates through the divine Command, by saying “be”, so that the whole world is in fact the inexhaustible Words of God, and Jesus, the son of Mary, in particular, is His Word delivered to Mary, peace be upon her [Quran: 4.171].

Shaykh Muhyiddin then adds that despite the multiplicity of letters, they relate to each other, and all of them ultimately relate to the letter “Alif”, which is the pole, from which the rest of the letters arise, as in the case of the Pole in the human world. For this reason Sufism considers that letter “Alif”, and also number “one”, symbolizes God, who created everything. But in addition to this letter, the “Baa” is also of special significance, as it symbolizes the First Intellect, which is the Highest Pen that God created and ordered to write in the Protected Tablet the knowledge of what He wants to create till the Day of Resurrection, as stated in various hadiths [Kanz: 597, 15116, 15117, 15220, 15223, 15224 ... etc]. These many hadiths mention different things in the sense of the first thing that Allah created, but in fact they are identical despite their apparent variation, as we explained in Chapter V of the Single Monad Model, and also in the White Pearl: Names and Descriptions of the Single Monad, which is a translation of Ibn al-Arabi’s treatise of “Jawâb ’an mas’alat al-durrah al-bay?â’ wa-huwa al-’aql al-awwal” (RG 178). This also forms one of the major subjects he dealt with in the Meccan Revelations [Futuhat: I.119, I.731, II.60, II.104, II.283, II.285, II.310-313, II.391, II.396, II.415, II.488, III.77, III.92, III.150, III.354-355, III.444, IV.211].

Therefore, since all the entities of the world are the Words of God, and the words are composed of letters, which are themselves derived from each other in various hierarchical manner - exactly similar to the elementary particles that are arranged in the Standard Model - and thus all the letters are eventually composed of or derived from “Alif”. And since as we said Alif symbolizes God Almighty, Whom we cannot perceive His exalted Essence, but we can certainly see His actions and manifestations in the world through the objects that He created; thus for all that: the letter Baa, that is the closest Alif, symbolizes, as we said, the Highest Pen or the Single Monad through which God creates everything in the world. For this, therefore, the Sufis consider that this letter Baa to accompany everything in existence.

For this reason we see, as Ibn al-Arabi notes, that all the chapters of the Quran begins with the letter Baa, because it is the first letter in the Basmalah, and even the Surah of Tawbah: Repentance, that does not start with Basmalah, it begins with the letter Baa as well [Futuhat: I.83].