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3.2.2 - Ibn al-Arabi’s Love to Shaykh Abu Madyan

The Greatest Shaykh loved Shaykh Abu Madyan very much and believed in him. We have seen in section

ef(al-tarsusi above how he detested al-Tarsusi merely because he was hating Shaykh Abu Madyan, but he retreated after an alert from the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, when he saw him in a dream blaming him why he hated someone who still loves Allah and His Messenger, thus he went back to him apologizing, and he took to him a gift and reconciled with him.

Although he has never met him in person, Ibn al-Arabi constantly refers to Shaykh Abu Madyan in his works, and always quoting his statements with admiration and respect, most often giving him the title of Shaykh al-Mashayikh: the Master of masters, which express the profound and sincere veneration which he has for him.