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contents - The First Testimony:

Oh ye my brothers and beloved, may Allah bless you all. I, the deprived weak and humble poor servant, who is always in need to Allah, at every moment and blink, the author of this book and its initiator; I testify you against myself, after I did testify Allah and His angels, and those who attended from the believers, and those who heard me, that I witness in words and in my heart, that:

Allah is one God, no second to him in his divinity, impeccably high above having wife nor son. He is the Owner, with no partner, the King with no minister, the Maker with no manager.

He exists by Himself, without a need for someone to bring Him into existence, but all other existent are in need for Him in their presence. The whole world exists by Him, and He alone exists by Himself.

No beginning to His existence, and no end to His endurance, but absolute unrestricted Being.

He stands by Himself, not an embodied substance to assume the need for place, nor an accident to prohibit His endurance, not a body to have sides or dimensions. He is sacred above dimensions and diameters, visible by hearts and eyes.

If he wishes, He mounted on His Throne, as He said and according to the meaning He wanted. In fact, the Throne and everything else are mounted by Him.

To Him is the afterlife and the first. He has no such reasonable form, nor is He indicated by minds, because He is when there was no place, and He is (now) as He was. He created the place and bodies, and He initiated time, and He said: I am the Living One, Who may not get tiered by keeping the creatures, and no new attribute is added to Me by making the creation.

Exalted is He above accidents that they occur on Him or He occurs on them, nor they are after Him nor He is before, but it may only be said that He is and nothing with him, because ”before” and ”after” are forms of the very time which He created.

He is the Self-Sustaining who does not sleep, the Conqueror who may not be reached, nothing like His example.

He created the Throne and made it the span of mounting, and established the Chair and made it encompassing the earth and the high heavens. He invented the Tablet (of the Soul) and the Higher Pen (that is the Intellect), and ran it as a writer - according to His foreknowledge - in His creation to the day of judiciary.

He excelled the whole world without any previous example, and He created the creation and abraded what came to perish.

He installed the spirits as trustees on the bodies, and made these bodies on whom the spirits are brought down as successors in the earth, and then He exploited for us what is in the heavens and the earth, all from Him. Not a single atom moves except to Him and from Him.

He created everything without a need to that, nor any imposer imposed that upon Him, but His foreknowledge preceded that He creates what He has created, because He is the First and the Last, the Manifest and the Hidden, and He is in power over all things.

He encompassed everything by knowledge and counted everything in number. He knows the secret and the concealed. He knows that which deceives the eyes and what the breasts conceal, how He may not know anything He Himself has created! Does He not know what He created, and He is the Subtle and the Expert?

He knew things before their existence, so He created them according to His knowledge, thus He has always been knowing all things, no new knowledge occurred to Him when the creation is renewed. Though His knowledge, He mastered things and perfected them, and through it He ruled over that and judged.

He absolutely knew the totalities, as He also knew that particulars, according to a good consensus and agreement of the people of truthful consideration, thus He is the knowing of the unseen and the witnessed.

Allah is exalted above what they associate.

He does what He wants, as He wanted all things in the earth and the heavens; His Power does not relate to anything before He wants it, and He did not want it until He knew it, because it is impossible in the mind that He wants what He does not know, or the Powerful and Able-not-to-do may ever do anything He does not want.

And it is impossible that the activities of these realities may exist in the non-living, as it is impossible that the qualities may stand without an essence described by them; so there is in existence no obedience and disobedience, no gain, nor loss, no slave nor free, no cold nor heat, no life nor death, no getting nor missing, no day nor night, no moderation nor inclination, no land nor sea, no even nor odd, no substance nor accident, no health nor sickness, no joy nor sadness, no spirit nor body, no darkness nor light, no earth nor sky, no synthesis nor analysis, no more nor little, no morning nor evening, no white nor black, no dormition nor insomnia, no apparent nor hidden, no moving nor static, no dry nor wet, no crust nor core; none of all these antonymous, miscellaneous and homologous ratios but are wanted by the Almighty Real. How they are not wanted by Him when He created them! How the Free may ever create something He does not want!

His command may not be repelled, and His rule may not be overturned. He gives sovereignty to whom He wills, and takes sovereignty away from whom He wills. He honors whom He wills, and humble whom He wills. He sends astray whom He wills, and guides whom He wills. What Allah wills will be and what He wills not will not be.

If all creatures gathered to want something Allah Almighty did not want them to want, they would not want, or do something Allah Almighty did not want it to be, and they wanted it when He wanted them to want it, they would not do, nor would they be able or may ever give them power on it.

Therefore, infidelity and faith, obedience and disobedience, all belong to His will, His rule and His wanting (But He, the Exalted, have preordained that some of his servants are disbelievers.).

The Glorified has always been described with this will eternally, when the world is none and not existing, though it was determined by essence in His knowledge, and then He created the world not after thinking and management out of ignorance or lack of knowledge that reflection and pondering may give Him the knowledge of what He did not know, Exalted and Almighty He is above that. He created it according the previous knowledge and determination of the eternal sacred will that ordained the world to be as it is created on time, place, beings and colors.

There is no one in reality with will apart from Him, as He, the Sublime, said: (you don’t will except that Allah wills [Quran, 76:30]), and as He, the Exalted, knew and perfected, He also wanted and determined, estimated and found; likewise He heard and saw what moved or still or uttered, in all beings of the world low and high.

Far-ness may not obscure His hearing, because He is the Nearby, and nearness may not obscure His sight, because He is the Faraway. He hears the speech of the self to itself, and the voice of hidden touching in the touch, and He sees blackness in darkness and clearness in the water, no mixing, nor darkness nor light, may veil Him out. He is the Hearer and the Seer.

He, the Almighty, spoke not after preceding silence, nor delusional muteness, with Old Eternal speech, like all His other qualities of His knowledge, Will and Ability. He spoke with that speech unto Moses, peace be upon him, that he called the Descends, the Psalms, the Torah and the Bible; without letters nor sounds, and without tunes nor languages, but He is the Creator of sounds and letters and languages.

His speech, the Almighty, is without uvula or tongue, and His hearing is without meatuses nor ears, and His sight is without pupil nor eyelids, and His will is without heart nor pneuma, and His knowledge is without need nor considering an evidence, and His life is without vapor of hollow gastric that happened after mixing of elements, and His Essence does not accept increases nor decreases.

He is, the Almighty, Exalted, the Faraway and Nearby. He has the great Power. His charity is predominant. His Gratitude is boundless. Everything other than Him emanated after His bounty, and His bounty and His justice is extending and contracting it.

He completed making the world and originating it when He created it and invented it, there is no partner to Him in His kingdom, nor manager with Him in his dominion.

If He blessed and granted, that’s His bounty, and if He ordeal and tortured, that’s His justice.

He did not act in others properties that inequity or injustice may be attributed to Him, and no rule of others may be applied over Him that He may fright or fear, but everything else is under the oppression of His power, and acting under His control and His command.

He is inspiring the souls, both with piety and debauchery, and He exonerates the disadvantages of whom He wills and charging for it whom He wills, here and on the Resurrection.

His justice does not rule over His bounty, nor His bounty rules over His justice, but He took out the world in two grips, and created for them two abodes, and He said: those to Paradise and I shall not mind, and those to Fire and I don’t mind! Then no objector did ever objected to Him, because there was no one existing apart from Him.

Everyone is under the discharge of His Names, one grip is under the names of His ordeal, and one grip under the names of His blessings. If He had wanted the whole world to be happy it would be, or wretched it would be no matter. But the Almighty did not want that; so it was as He wanted; some wretched and some happy, here and on the Resurrection, there is no way to change what the Old ordained, for Allah said about prayer: it is five and it is fifty, (the word will not be changed with Me, and never will I be unjust to the servants [Quran, 50:29]), for I am reigning My property and enforcing My will in My dominion, and that’s a fact from which sights and insights are blind, and ideas and consciences did not find, unless by divine endowment and merciful bounty to whom Allah took care of His servants, and had that previously witnessed in His presence, so he knew when he was taught that divinity gave this division, that’s from the subtleties of the Old.

Glory is to Whom no one is acting apart from Him: (and Allah created you and what you do [Quran, 37:96]), (He is not asked of what He does but they are asked [Quran, 21:23]), (with Allah is the far-reaching argument [Quran, 6:149]), (And if He willed, He could have guided you all [Quran, 16:9]).