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0.0.1 - Dedication

I dedicate this book to my master and Shaykh, the Source of Knowledge and Wisdom, and my living Ibn al-Arabi: Shaykh Ramadhan Subhi Deeb of Damascus, may Allah keep him in good health and keep us underneath his shadow, as well as to the spirit of my master, the Greatest Shaykh, Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi and all his students and followers.

I also dedicate it to the spirits of my parents, may Allah bestows His mercy and benevolence upon them,

And finally, I dedicate this book to all my brothers and sisters, in Islam, and in mankind, and I hope that this humble work will be the cause to demonstrating the sciences of Shaykh Muhyiddin and spreading his knowledge and taste.

0.1- Foreword by Shaykh Ramadhan Subhi Deeb ad-Dimashqi

0.2- General Preface to the Contents of the Three Volumes

0.3- Introduction: The Sun Rising from the West