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6.3.4 - Awhaduddin al-Kirmani (Damascus)

Also one of those who were with Shaykh Muhyiddin in Damascus was his close companion Awhaduddin al-Kirmani, whom we mentioned in Chapter V. After they met in Konya, all-Kirmani’s relationship with Shaykh Muhyiddin was friendly and affectionate. Ismael Ibn Sawdakin mentioned in al-Wasa’il that al-Kirmani once entered on the Greatest Shaykh and found him troubled and unnatural, to learn that the reason was that he left some books in Malatya. Hence, al-Kirmani insisted to go by himself and bring them from there, and so he went and brought the books to him [The Book of Means, p. 27].

We shall have more discussion about Awhaduddin al-Kirmani in section

efal-kirmani of Chapter VII when we mention his role in the diffusion of the Akbarian teachings.

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