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4.1.3 - The Station of Nearness (Guisser, Muharram 597/1201)

In the Holy Spirit, Shaykh Muhyiddin said that when he left shaykh Yusuf al-Kumi in Salé heading towards Marrakesh, about ten days’ journey for Salé, he stopped on the way in a place called Abjisel, which will have important imprint in his life, because he entered in it a strange station in which he saw no one else. This is the station of Nearness (al-Qurbah) which is between the Honesty (al-Siddiqqiyah) and Prophecy (al-Nubuwwah). He devoted to it chapter 161 of the Meccan Revelations in addition to another book called the in the same name: al-Qurbah, which has been printed amongst the collection of Hyderabad in 1948.

=\%Says Shaykh Muhyiddin in the door atheist sixty and one hundred “in place that between Alsidikah and prophecy, a shrine bagpipes” that bagpipes adjective divine which serves as an anonymous denied its own Apostles them peace with the lack of it of them and a certificate of the right to its owner justice and competence which serves Khader with Moses, etc. astounded him only Sultan jealousy that God made in the Apostles, peace be upon them to serve the law of God on their hands.

=\%Shaykh Muhyiddin that some scholars, such as Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, have denied this place and said no between Alsidikah and prophecy denominator is stepping over the righteous signed in prophecy, and prophecy door closed, was to say no Ttaktoa necks countries. He adds Shaykh Muhyiddin there is no doubt that the prophets owners laws are top-notch servants of God from humans, however this is not for God Mufdol not flag when Fadil does not indicate distinguish him that this science better. Therefore the Greens said to Moses: O Moses I’m aware God ?????? not teach you and you aware Almke God I do not know whether I am. And said to him, I am better than you. [12]

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