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1.1.1 - Embracing Islam

The Taiys, like other Arab tribes before Islam, were mainly pagans and Christians, but they were not influenced by the Jewish religion. They were of the first Arab tribes who sent delegations to the Prophet, peace be upon him, and eventually they embraced Islam in the 9th year of the Prophet migration (Hijra) to Medina, thus called the year of delegations.

Zeid al-Khayl, the king of the Tribe, came to the Messenger among the Tay delegation, and he honored him, put down his gown for him (to sit), taught him Islam and prayed for forgiveness to him, and he called him Zeid al-Khair (having plenty of goodness). The Prophet, may Allah bless him, also said on his account: “Everyone I met, I found him less than what it was described to me, apart from Zeid.” [Usd al-Gaba, v.4:p.7].

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